Golden Lamp Regional Center’s designation covers all of Arizona, Colorado and Utah, which means GLRC can sponsor projects anywhere in those states for participation in the EB-5 regional center program. We have worked with projects throughout each state in the past and look forward to helping many more navigate this process in the coming years.

GLRC can be a “one stop shop,” providing as much or as little support as a project needs. GLRC is managed by an immigration attorney with over a decade of EB-5 experience structuring EB-5 projects and facilitating EB-5 deals. We have relationships with the other professionals and service providers necessary to structuring a project that will both comply with USCIS’ extensive program requirements while also being attractive and attentive to the needs of today’s EB-5 investors. On the other hand, if all a project sponsor needs is the use of our designation in order to make their project happen, we can assist in that way, too – lending the designation in exchange for the cost of compliance with the EB-5 program’s recordkeeping requirements.

If you are a project sponsor looking to affiliate with a regional center to undertake a project anywhere in our area, please contact Paul Ruby, Director, at [email protected]. We look forward to working with you!